Alexx Alexxander travels the world with sold out performances entertaining audiences, celebrities and royals.

He is the only illusionist in Norway who has been granted the title «Illusionist of The Decade» in Las Vegas and given the prestigious award in 24 karat gold. Here you can read the history of how it all started…

Early beginning

Alexx Alexxander was born and raised in Tønsberg, Norway’s oldest city. At the age of 5, he got his first magic book. Friends and family knew he was different from an early age, he was special and liked to do things out of the ordinary. When Alexx was 10, he held his first paid performance. At 12, he won his first national magic competition, and the same year he was appointed The most Versatile artist of the year in Norway. This gave him his first national TV performance.

When he was 14, he won the silver medal in the Nordic Championship of Magic. This year became the start of something great. He joined Norway’s biggest newspaper VG on a national summer tour in 1999, where he gave 60 shows over three weeks.

From show to business

Autumn of 1999, he produced his first evening show called “Magical Moments” in Papirhuset Theater in Tønsberg. He hired some the best dancers in Norway, the duck Anton, pyro effects and an impressive technical rig. The show sold out, and Alexx made national headlines in the press for the first time. This autumn, Alexx established his own event and entertainment Company. In 2001, at age 16, he worked full time as a magician and Entertainer. He performed at big corporate events throughout Scandinavia and produced tours on an impressive scale.

The Vanishing of The Castle Rock Tower

In 2010, Alexx participated in ”Norway’s Got Talent” on TV2 with breathtaking stunts and illusions. He was voted ahead by both the judges and the Norwegian viewers all the way to the finals. Judge Thomas Giertsen said: ”This is the most spectacular act we’ve ever witnesses on this show”. Alexx is also the most talked about performer in media and by the audience that have ever been on the show.

That same autumn, he made The Castle Rock Tower in Tønsberg vanish, in a live TV broadcasting for hundreds of thousands of viewers. For the rest of this year, he toured Norway with his self produced show.

Magician of The Year

Alexx Alexxander was appointed “Magician of The Year” in Norway in 2010 by The Magic Circle, for presenting magic as great entertainment.

Record holder on net TV

During the summer of 2011, Alexx launched his own magical series “Illusions” on VGTV, in Norway´s largest newspaper. He brought the magic out in the streets, and amazed and impressed people passing and other Norwegian celebrities who joined. This was a huge success with millions of views. Following this, he produced and presented the show «A Night of Illusions». It sold out both in Oslo and his hometown Tønsberg.

Royal magic

In 2012, Alexx performed on the 15 years anniversary of Children’s Peace Prize. Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mette Marit of Norway was in the audience. This summer, he produced season 2 of “Illusions” on VGTV. Again, it generated millions of views and created attention all the way to Las Vegas. In Norway, Alexx is still record holder in number of shared videoclips! During this autumn, the series was also launched in Sweden in the biggest Newspaper Aftonbladet. Swedish celebrities Camilla Henemark of Army of Lovers, Babsan and beauty queen Annica Duckmark joined, and in 2013 Alexx was invited to Stockholm to perform for Her Royal Highness Princess Madeleine and her organization «My Big Day».

Sold out theaters

The major show investment “Alexx Alexxander Illusions” played for sold out theaters all across Norway for two years. Alexx contacted one of Europe’s best aerialists and fakirs, Maria Zeniou. It would go to show that magi combined with aerial acrobatics, dance and pyro technics was the right combination for the show.

Magical car launch

In Winter 2014, Alexx was engaged by Renault for the introduction and launching of a new car on the market. The audience with guests from all over the world witnessed in disbelief how the new car appeared from nowhere on an empty stage. This resulted in a national tour together with Renault. After the tour ended, Alexx traveled to Copenhagen to join in ”Master Chef” on TV3, together with several other Norwegian celebrities.

That autumn Alexx introduced ”Alexx Alexxander Magical Christmas Calendar” to the Norwegian market. All stores were sold out and the demand was high from the first edition. A true magical success! Alexx has always felt that it is important to get the magic out to people, and to let children experience the same magical universe that he did when he was a little boy.

The biggest magical show in Norwegian history

In 2015, Alexx returned to the theatre stage, introducing the biggest magical show in the history of Norwegian showbusiness: ”Defying Gravity”. The show premiered in his hometown Tønsberg and was sold out throughout July. He took the show on the road and toured that same autumn. It sold out in every city. In between touring, he did TV shows.

Among these were MGP Jr (Eurovision Song Contest Jr), broadcasted live from Oslo Spectrum. He also performed in TV2´s ”Mission Norway”, together with comedian and TV host Truls Svendsen. The second edition of the magical Christmas Calendar was lauched before Christmas, twice as big as the year before. All 400 stores were sold out!

Honoring Alexx

In October 2015, Alexx was awarded the prestigious The Cultural Award from the foundation The Maria Chapel in Tønsberg, given to him by the city mayor. Alexx was overwhelmed.
Little did he know what was waiting ahead.

Best Illusionist Norway

The tour continued in 2016, visiting more cities in Norway. And in November Alexx Alexxander was, as the first Norwegian ever, awarded and honored with one of the most prestigious awards in magic, The Merlin Award. He was invited to Vienna in Austria to meet the president of one of the world’s biggest magic societies. He was out travelling and wanted to meet Alexx face to face to give him the great news. The ceremony was held in Oslo Concert House in Alexx´ show, when the president came to Oslo with the sole purpose of giving Alexx the award. Present in a sold out concert house, was the mayors of Oslo and Tønsberg. The Merlin Award places Alexx on the list together with the greatest illusionists in the world. Other recipients are David Copperfield, Siegfried & Roy, Criss Angel and Penn & Teller.

Magical products

On November 12 2016, as the first illusionist ever, Alexx Alexxander launched his own perfume. As always, when Alexx does something, he wants to do it differently. The perfume is 100 percent vegan and made from botanical raw material. Alexx is an animal lover, and would never be associated with the perfume is tested on animals. The week after, the third edition of the magic Christmas calendar war ready. It was named “Defying Gravity Edition”. Demand was so high that Alexx decided to launch an all-year product where everyone could learn a magic trick. The Alexx Alexxander Magical Suitcase was born, containing no more than 39 magic tricks, suitable for everyone. It can be found in all major stores, and is definitely a hit as your Christmas present!

Unique illusions

The year of 2017 started with Alexx meeting the Norwegian hotel mogul Petter Stordalen, as he coached Stordalen in doing one of Houdini´s most dangerous acts “The water torture cell”. Stordalen did this on his Winter Conference for over 3000 employees in Stockholm Globe. The week after, Alexx and his team travelled to Bergen to perform in Norway´s largest concert hall, Grieghallen. Expectations were high, and Alexx left the stage to standing ovations and spent two hours signing autographs after the show. In spring, Alexx made a gas station vanish and reappear in front of a live audience in Oslo. This had never been done before. The summer was spent in Las Vegas, to gather inspiration and prepare for new projects.

The Illusions of Alexx Alexxander

The rest of spring and summer of 2017 was spent planning and preparing for the new tour. This tour should be the biggest in Alexx’ career so far, and also the biggest Nordic magic tour ever. Countless hours were spent practicing and producing. The premiere was at honorable Drammens Theater on 29 September. The show was planned for the period of spring 2018, but due to great demandand  unbelievable ticket sales, the tour was prolonged until spring 2020. During six seasons on the road for sold out theatres, Alexx and his team have developed and polished the show to a maximum.

Alexx in Bombay

Alexx made a journey of his dreams right before Christmas in 2017. He was invited to perform on the biggest cultural festival in Asia, in the great city of Bombay! Over 200.000 vistors came, over four days. For the first time, the organizers wanted to offer magic to the audience. They contacted Alexx from Norway! The wonderful theatre had 2.000 seats, and was an amazing sight. Both Alexx and the organizers were very exited whether or not this would appeal to the visitors, on the other side of the world and so far from Norway. We were all so very happy when 3.500 people came to feel the magic! Alexx received standing ovations and the performance was a great success!

One of the most impossible illusions in history

Summer 2018 the city of Oslo came to Alexx and wanted him to help them getting attention for them as they would become ”European Green Capitol 2019”. One of the reasons that they got the title is because they are making great efforts to preserve and restore all the rivers and natural resources in the city. Together with Alexx, they created attention to the importance of clean drinking water. One year later Alexx had produced a number of episodes of close-up magic with water and fishes and was ready to launch one of the biggest and most impossible illusions ever. Something that was never done by any magician in the history of man. Alexx made Oslo´s sole water supply, Lake Maridal, disappear. All of Norwegian media was present to cover this sensational event.

Best Performing Global Talent

The next day Alexx was appointed “Best Performing Global Talent 2019” by Seed Forum Global, one of the world´s biggest business forums. The prestigious award was given Alexx by the jury from 5 countries around the world during the award ceremony at the Norwegian Theater in Oslo.

Alexx Alexxander VS BOSS 

Due to his unique style and image, and the visibility he can offer through his many great performances, Alexx Alexxander has worn Hugo Boss Watches since 2015. Boss Watches presented Alexx Alexxander as an ambassador in Norway and in 2019 a film was produced to support this. November 7th that year a limited edition and signed Alexx Alexxander watch was introduced. This was sold in stores throughout Norway.

Illusionist of The Year Europe 

In October 2019, Alexx Alexxander was honored with one of the most prestigious awards in magic, The Merlin Award for the second time. This time when he was in New York, and the title was “Illusionist of The Year Europe”. The award was given to Alexx by the President of the world’s largest association for magicians, International Magicians Society. On stage was the widow of legendary Norwegian master magician, Tore Torell, Nina Torell, together with the General Secretary of the Nordic Association. The Merlin Award is to magic what the Oscar is to the movie industry, and is awarded to magicians who has reached the highest level of their craft, both on a national and international stage.

Honorary citizen of his hometown

In the show in his hometown Tønsberg, Alexx performed for a sold out Klubben Hall, and received three standing ovations. To his big surprise, the mayor of Tønsberg entered the stage to thank him and congratulate on 20 years as a professional artist. In that regard, and as a token of gratitude for Alexx´outspoken love and appreciation for the city, the mayor appointed him honorary citizen and awarded him with the city seal. This is a great honour, offered to only a chosen few. Robert Smeby, a representative for the local corporate community, brought flowers of love as a sign of gratitude for his great ambassadorship and good relations and co-operation over the years.

Alexx Alexxander on one of the world’s biggest award shows

As the only Norwegian artist, Alexx Alexxander was invited to perform at one of the world’s biggest award shows, IPPA Awards. This live TV show is broadcasted all over the world for over 600 million people. Alexx was so proud and humbled to be invited to perform, but also to be a part of building bridges across different cultures and between countries and people. This is the Oscar of the Far East celebrating the great Pakistani movie industry, With international stars on stage. This the third IPPA Awards ceremony and in 2019 it was sent from Oslo. Prior to the show, Alexx was present on the big press conference, where media from all over the world attended. On the evening of the show, he walked the red carpet together with other celebrities. Both national and international TV channels, radio stations and news magazines covered the event.


When the world came to a complete standstill, Alexx Alexxander took part in a major charity event together with the Nordic region’s biggest artists to raise funds for mental health. This was done at a completely empty Telenor Arena, Norway’s largest concert venue which usually holds 35,000 spectators. Alexx’s illusions with empty seats as a background became great symbolism. The show generated 150,000.

The next project was to engage families at home in the living room. Alexx Alexxander recorded his own magic school which was shown on local TV stations all over the country. Here Alexx taught simple illusions that anyone could learn. This became very popular and in demand.

Magic is culture

During the pandemic in 2021, Norwegian Cultural Council refused to recognize Alexx Alexxander as a performing artist of cultural content or as a presenter of cultural experiences. Despite the fact that he performs an art form that is maybe the oldest in the world with roots back to over 5,000 years in ancient Egypt. Magic and illusions have contributed to form our society through hundreds of years till the way we know it today. Alexx picked a fight, and he won! After more than 6 months of battling with The Norwegian Cultural Council and with massive press coverage, they decided to recognize magic as an art form in Norway!

Kristiania Magical Carnival theater

In spring 2020, Alexx Alexxander was contacted by the production company Monster, as they had begun production of TV channel NRK’s Christmas calendar. They wanted to meet to see how the main character could do “real magic”. Alexx taught the young boy Lukas of 10 to make a card disappear from his hand. He had to practice a lot, but he managed to do magic really well. Test filming showed fantastic results, and Alexx was asked if he could help them do some more magic in the series. This resulted in production of magic in almost every episode, and Alexx even got a small part in two episodes of the series. It took over a year to finish the Christmas calendar, and Alexx contributed through the whole process developing magic for the series. He lent out magical props from his warehouse, old magic effects and pictures of the forefathers of magic to decorate the set. Alexx Alexxander also produced his own magic school together with Lukas on NRK. All of this was a huge success, and the series was the second most popular Christmas calendar in Norwegian history!

The New Era of Magic

Alexx Alexxander and his team worked their way well through the Covid-19 pandemic. They practiced and made plans for the future. 2022 will be a remarkable year in so many ways. Finally, The World is opening again and audiences can enjoy an illusionist in top shape, ready to amaze everyone with his new show and his biggest tour ever!

Illusionist of The Decade

Alexx Alexxander was awarded one of the highest achievements in magic worldwide during an exclusive gala at The Orleans Ballroom in Las Vegas May 19th 2022. In front of the biggest and most famous in the industry and VIPs from all over the world and international press, he was awarded the great honor. A golden statuette in 24 karat gold entitled “Illusionist of The Decade”, the first in history.

Alexx Alexxander on TV with Princess Märtha Louise

In the summer of 2022 Alexx Alexxander performed on live TV together with Princess Märtha Louise of Norway. A beautiful sunny day with magic in the air. Her royal highness was stunned over Alexx Alexxander’s incredible prediction that she got to participate in. This was the second time Alexx met the princess. The last time was when he made her appear on stage at a special event in his hometown back when he was 14 years old.

A dream come true

At the age of 6, Alexx Alexxander was invited on to the big stage at Northern Europe’s biggest water park, Bø Sommarland, by his big hero, the magic clown Melvin Tix. 30 years later, the little boy is the great attraction, on the exact same stage. Norway’s great illusionist has lived the world of magic for many years. But it all really started in Bø Sommarland a summer day in 1990. The first timeI was in Bø Sommarland and saw Melvin Tix, I was invited on stage. That really changed everything. He has been a tremendous inspiration, Alexx says about his first encounter with showbiz. This will be an evening show, that starts when the water park closes. So it will not be part of the daytime programme. A full scale evening show, brand new and especially produced for this stage.

Medal of Honor

Norwegian War Veterans from International Operations granted Alexx Alexxander a medal of honor. Alexx Alexxander donated a live performance to Norwegian War Veterans from International Operations and their families. This annual event is initiated by war veterans from operations in former Yugoslavia. Many of the veterans struggle heavily with severe post traumatic stress after serving in wars in Afghanistan, Makedonia, Yugoslavia and Lebanon. Experience like this means so much for the families, in order to get a time-out from their everyday challenges. To show their heartfelt gratitude, the veterans awarded Alexx with an honorary coin, only given to a few who makes an extraordinary effort to support the war veterans and their families. Alexx is the fourth recipient of the honorary coin.

The Main Attraction in Norway’s biggest amusement park

During the periode in Bø Sommarland Alexx Alexxander was asked if he could do 2 weeks of daily shows in Tusenfryd. It had to overlap his shows in Bø and he and the crew had to drive back and forth every day. It was a huge success packed with audiences every day. This was a magical experience and the crew got well trained before the autumn’s tour that was to start only a week later.

Sold out shows everywhere

The tour started September 1 and played every week till Christmas. In a time where other artist cancels the shows and didn’t sell tickets and the concert halls spoke out about decline ticket sales of 65 % down, Alexx Alexxander sold out till the last seat 3-4 times every week.

Performance for The Queen of Norway

Alexx Alexxander was exclusively invites to perform for The Queen of Norway at a special event covered by all the Norwegian press.

Performance at the 40 years anniversary of Michael Jackson’s Thriller album

The bestselling album of all time with the greatest artist in history. What an honor to be invited to perform at this prestigious event. Alexx Alexxander shared stage with some of the biggest artist and celebrities in the world.

Alexx Alexxander became great friends with the Jackson family.

From Los Angeles to Tønsberg

Oseberg Concert Hall was sold out. It was even placed extra chairs to meet the hight demand of popularity. Almost 1000 people came to see Alexx Alexxander in his hometown in Vestfold’s biggest venue. It was a magical and emotional evening. During the show he got two standing ovations and grand cheers from the audience. It’s said that you never get to be prophet in your hometown. Well, Alexx Alexxander knows nothing about that. Thank you, Tønsberg!

Dinner with the Royal Family of Norway and Denmark

Alexx Alexxander was specially invited to this exclusive event with the Royal Families as they’re special guest.

Show in Hollywood

Alexx Alexxander was head hunted to open one of the biggest business forums in Hollywood for the elite of Hollywood stars, billionaires and millionaires. With almost 1000 of the biggest, richest, and most influential people in Hollywood present. Alexx gathered his crew in Los Angeles and made this great performance take place in between to show weekends in Norway. Alexx Alexxander had the pleasure to meet Stedman Graham, Oprah Winfrey’s husband, actor Keither Sutherland and he was introduced on stage by Hollywood actress, Elizabeth Hurley.

The year 2023

Alexx Alexxander expands his big tour in Norway and plays almost every weekend the whole winter and spring for sold out performances. In nearly every city there has been put extra performances. In between the tour he will return to Los Angeles and Las Vegas. In the autumn the show will tour all across the Nordic Countries.