Experience the magic of Alexx Alexxander

You will be amazed and seduced by his magical presence. Be astounded and seduced by laughter, magical wonder and amazing sleight of hand. You will Join us in an unforgettable journey into Alexx Alexxander’s magical world as he invites you to an evening filled with humour, mystique, spectacular illusions and outstanding showmanship. Be fascinated by his inexplicable acts in a show suited for four generations. The border between illusion and reality will cease to exist. This stage production will take your breath away, and you will witness sensational illusions you didn’t think possible. You will never be closer to real magic!


Alexx Alexxander was in 2022 appointed “Illusionist of The Decade” in Las Vegas by the world’s largest organization for magicians with a statue in 24 karat gold. In 2019 he was awarded “Best Performing Global Talent” by Seed Forum Global.

Alexx Alexxander has fascinated and impressed audiences all over the world

with his unbelievable stunts and magical illusions. He has made land marks and buildings disappear on live television. In the summer of 2019 he made Oslo’s sole source of drinking water disappear. No illusionist in the world has ever made a lake vanish. He has also, as the only magician ever, been starring in a film for one of the worlds largest fashion brands, Hugo Boss.
He has flown in mid air, countless ladies has been cut into pieces and he has fooled the celebrity elite of the world with his incredible stunts. Alexx has brought illusions to a whole new level and demonstrated how this isn’t about rabbits and hats but rather about motorcycles, buzz saws and burning spears.
You can see Alexx and the show when he continues the tour all over the world.

Welcome to Alexx Alexxander’s world of magic.

Alexx know to impress the audience!

 -VG Norway’s biggest newspaper

The very best in magic world wide!


-Se & Hør Magazine

Astonishing and astounding, enchanting and fantastic.